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Sagi is your ideal partner for leather goods.

Pelletterie Sagi was initially founded in 1974 from the intuition of its founder, Giuseppe Sabbadin, as a proprietary brand that then, over time, became a renowned partner of numerous Luxury Brands. A development and production workshop for high-end leather goods. Skill, flexibility and dynamism are the features that distinguish us.

Technology, craftsmanship and know-how.

People are our most advanced machines!

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Modelling, prototyping, production and quality control.

The production of leather goods in all their aspects.
Experience and competence at your service.

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Full Circle

From concept to finished product.

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All In Italy

One hundred percent Italian manufacturing quality!

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360° Service

We buy all our materials

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Special Editions

Capsule collections? Exclusive models? Numbered productions?
We can carry out dedicated projects and special productions! 

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Our method

It is only through the perfect combination of various types of professionalism and personalities that we can guarantee a product with such high-quality standards. Sagi always meets the high expectations that every customer, or rather partner, has when they decide to entrust us with a task.


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