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    Product development from concept to packaging.
    With Full Circle, we take care of everything.
    Our experience at the service of fashion!

From concept to finished product.

We create your product, starting from your idea and taking care of every aspect until the final production!
Our production line is capable of taking care of every production stage, providing advice and applying the know-how required to always achieve an excellent result.


    The production of a leather goods line starts from the concept of strategy. Product ranges, sizes, variants and chosen quantities make a difference to a product’s success. Sagi offers strategic advice based on our production experience and know-how that enables us to guide choices towards a mix of certain success.


    A quality product is, above all, a well-designed product. Proportions, measurements, weights, thickness, materials. There are many variables and, for each one, there are rules and tricks that enable us to achieve a product with the highest quality standards. Our technicians are the best professionals in the industry and are at your service!



    From design to product. During the prototyping stage, essential choices are made for the success of the design. Our prototyping department thoroughly analyses all technical and material options, testing the features of each component and perfectly adapting the production methods to the expectations expressed during the design stage.



    A key stage in production. Processes are defined and optimised through a careful analysis
    of times and methods. Knowledge of processes, technologies and materials enable us to organise the production line to its full potential.


    Sagi has a loyal production line and has been investing for years in technological innovation and in the know-how of its staff. Our production processes are tested and certified. Each stage is subjected to control to guarantee the highest quality standards and time frames required by our customers. Productions followed and carried out in the required time, according to the planning forms dictated by customers.


    Quality control at Sagi affects the entire production cycles and is carried out by trained and experienced technicians. Compliance with the agreed standards, production methodologies and time frames is Sagi’s crowning achievement and one of the features that gave us the choice from the best brands on the market.

Complete your line with leather goods!

With Sagi, production is creativity.
Our team has all the skills to provide you with a perfect finished product, starting from your ideas. Feasibility study, design, prototyping, choice and purchase of materials, industrialisation, production and control. This is our job, our passion, which enables us to provide only the best!

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