About us

Vision, awareness, respect

We know where we want to go and we know how to get there. Our experience tells us how.
Sagi’s story is a path of constant growth. Corporate and personal growth. The evolution of an entrepreneurial mentality based on sharing, listening and respect.

A story with success at the heart. Sagi has been a leading manufacturer of leather goods since 1974.

Pelletterie Sagi was initially founded in 1974 from the intuition of its founder, Giuseppe Sabbadin, as a proprietary brand that then, over time, became a renowned partner of numerous Luxury Brands.

modern managerial leadership combined with the wise application of new technologies and decades of experience in extremely traditional productions have led the company to claim having over 60 employees, consolidated vertical suppliers and a subcontracting network in which over 200 staff are employed.

For over forty years, Sagi has operated in the world of luxury accessories (bags, accessories, small leather goods, etc.), pursuing what has always been its declared objective, namely, to become a company that provides complete, dynamic services, available to all luxury brands that need to develop and manufacture their own products.

Human resources are certainly Sagi's most valuable asset.

Human resources are certainly Sagi’s most valuable asset. Only through the perfect combination of various types of professionalism and personalities is it possible to guarantee customers a product with such high-quality standards.


Also, only by working closely, side by side, in an environment that has almost no dividing walls and with no distinction between owners, entrepreneurs, managers and technicians, but always with profound respect for the autonomy of individual roles, can Sagi always prove to meet the high expectations that very customer, or rather partner, has when they decide to entrust us with a task.

An encounter between generations: Sagi's present and future.

Sagi was among the first companies in Italy to have implement and, above all, adapted the process that the Americans have very effectively referred to as reverse mentoring.

In a rapidly changing world in which technological phases become increasingly important, the generational exchange of knowledge and know-how between juniors and seniors becomes a necessity so as not to fall behind and to update the forms of work organisation.

Sagi immediately recognised this strategic importance and eliminated prejudices, also overcoming the logic of the generational clash, which occurs too often in companies.

Mentoring at Sagi is two-directional.

Values that create progress

It is only through the perfect combination of various types of professionalism and personalities that we can guarantee a product with such high-quality standards. Sagi always proves to meet the high expectations that e