Special Editions

Exclusive collections and limited editions.
Costs and numbers are not an obstacle!

Your exceptional and unique capsule collection.
With Sagi, you can!

With the Special Editions service, we place the best craftsmen and professionals in the market at your service to enable you to create exclusive and prestigious products.

Being unique is easy, with Sagi.

Imagine a truly special product line. Fine leathers, innovative treatments, craftsmanship,
unique and important accessories, etc. Special Editions is all this. With Sagi, you can achieve your desired results by enriching your leather goods range with valuable and refined items.

The flexibility of our production line enables us to manage all types of orders, from limited editions to large industrial production. Sagi’s ability to manage all processes internally results in your freedom to imagine and create unique and exclusive products!


Special Edition + Full Circle

By combining the Special Editions and Full Circle services, you will have a new world at your feet! You can create items that will make your collections unforgettable, without worries and without weighing down your corporate structure!

You will have a real productive service available and you will be followed through every step,
from design to the final production!

Were you thinking of an exclusive, limited edition capsule collection?

Were you thinking of an exclusive, limited edition capsule collection?

A range of services to meet every need.


Product development from concept
to packaging.

all in italy

We know the value of Made in Italy,
because we are Made in Italy!

Servizio 360° Service

No worries!
The value of a full service.