What we do

The art of leather goods. This is our DNA.

We have been manufacturing leather bags, accessories and small leather goods for over forty years. The operating methods, skills and experience we have acquired to date make us an industry benchmark for quality of production and range of service.


Sagi is capable of offering a wide range of services, starting from the product development phase, thanks to a team of modelling experts capable of developing a model from a drawing, sketch and/or from instructions given directly by the style department.


Fifteen highly qualified technicians put all their experience at the service of customers to produce prototypes, samples and capsule collections for special events.


Sagi guarantees the highest quality productions, carried out entirely within qualified and selected operating units to guarantee an authentic Made in Italy product. Sagi handles production orders with the professionalism of its planning team and the experience of its purchasing department and product department.

quality control

Quality control is carried out for each individual piece produced and is performed only by adequately trained and qualified staff.

We know that trust needs to be earned!

All our suppliers comply with SA8000 corporate certification regulations and are periodically audited by the relevant authorities.


We guarantee the utmost confidentiality on products/items manufactured by us specifically and follow the instructions of the various brands.

We pay the utmost attention to extremely delicate aspects such as style/modelling and prototyping, which we consider to be real strategic assets that are exclusively relevant to each partner company that intends to trust in us.

We make the best use of the most advanced technology.

State-of-the-art machines and software are required to make a great product.

Sagi has always been attentive to technological progress and invests in upgrades by purchasing ultra-modern machinery that results in special productions whilst saving time and material. If you are a technician, you will immediately understand what we are talking about…

  •  FC4 automatic cutting machine (TESEO)
  •  FLESH CUT 888 ATOM automatic cutting machine
  •  Shearing machine with bridge and arm
  •  Plotter for modelling
  •  Plating machine
  •  Latest-generation sewing machines

We also have 5 Pragma (TESEO) CAD stations, an Autocad-Aimpes station, horizontal colouring units and a new-technology oven for drying straps, belts and bands in general.

Do you have a design in mind?

Sagi’s know-how and technology are at your service, from the earliest development stages of each product. Our team can help you develop your design from concept to packaging!